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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The syncing ship: iTunes

When Apple introduced iTunes in 2001, it served one purpose: As a music jukebox app. Later that year, it added its most important feature: The ability to sync tracks with the just-introduced iPod. Originally, you could just drag tracks onto your iPod and they'd copy over. iTunes had automatic music-sync features that were rudimentary, but they did the job.

That was a long time ago. These days, iTunes is simultaneously Apple's most important and problematic product. It's a music and video player. It's a store, the gateway to buying music, videos, ringtones, and iOS apps. And of course, it's a syncing system, connecting to Apple devices from iPhone to iPod to Apple TV.

Apple has packed almost everything involving media (and app) management, purchase, and playback into this single app. It's bursting at the seams. It's a complete mess. And it's time for an overhaul.
If Apple's going to embrace the cloud wherever possible, it needs to change iTunes too.

The program should be simpler, or broken out. It might be better off being completely killed off as a local program and exist only on the cloud and controlled by the devices that access it. iTunes served it's purpose for over 11 years but the technology, and the way we store media has changed, and iTunes needs to adapt into a higher form of program.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Today is not the future! Back to the future day hoax

In Back To The Future II Doc sets the DeLorean to a future date and off they go! 
Despite what you've seen on Facebook, G+ and Twitter, today is not that day. A Photoshopped image of the future date from the film has been making the rounds online, indicating that characters such as Doc and Marty McFly travel via their time-machine car to June 27, 2012 from October 26, 1985. But don't be fooled.

The actual date — as seen in the YouTube video below — shows that we haven't approached "the future" just yet: It's set for October 21, 2015. Seriously people can't you wait 3 years?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The new hot Retina Display MacBook pro runs actually cool!

My first ever Mac was a 2011 Macbook pro and it works great for gaming providing you haven an upgraded video card for it (ATI Radeon 6750 HD). The only downside to the older MBP is heat. When I play any game the fans spin up to 6000rpms and it sounds like the laptop is taking off. However The new 2012 Retina display MacBook pro's are now being tested and show some great promise with the new ventilation and fan technology.

Here's a thermal imaging of the new Retina display Mac. In sleep mode, it doesn't produce any distinguishable heat, napping at just 86.54 degrees Fahrenheit (30.3 degrees Celsius). Playing a movie for 15 minutes only took it to a ridiculous 95.18 degrees Fahrenheit (35.1 degrees Celsius).

The machine only got significantly hot when pushed to the limit using modern games and other heavy apps. Then it reached its maximum temperature: 118.76 degrees Fahrenheit (48.2 degrees Celsius). 

I wish I put my 2011 model up on eBay so I could have had a nice chunk of change to put toward's a new 2012 model however eBay was flooded with other's having the same idea. Either way I'm still happy with my 2011 model since I can upgrade my Hdd, memory, and battery myself unlike the newer thinner Retina display model.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Why Disney's Dumbo wouldn't fly today

I recently watched the classic Disney film Dumbo for the first time in 20 years since I was a kid. We recently purchased it for my 9 month old daughter and really enjoyed watching it with her as she bounced with the music and watched it with very wide eyes. While watching the film I realized how much cartoons have changed since the 1940's. I asked myself the hypothetical question "If Disney's Dumbo was created today, would it even make it to theaters?" Well i'd have to sadly say no, not with all the minor's consuming alcohol, acid trip, racism, and slander to the physically handicapped. Will I not let my daughter watch this cartoon when she grows up? Of course i'll let her see it, I have no problem with this cartoon and I don't believe it will have any impact on her social development. After all most of us, and our parents seen Dumbo and we turned out just fine, well most at least. So is our society becoming way to politely correct in some area's and way too less in others? I think so, but let us parents decide, not the government or the media. It's our responsibility as parents to examine & watch what our children see and do, you know... Be parents.

As for Dumbo, i'm glad it was created in 1941, or it wouldn't be the same film we see now, and I'm very happy how Disney didn't pull a George Lucas/Steven Spielberg on altering this classic. They don't even mention any of the above warnings prior to the movie starting, which surprised me. I'm sure the Parental guides tried, but bonus points to Disney. I really enjoy how Disney preserves the classic's, and will always welcome them in our home.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Fathers day

This was my first fathers day this year, and the one thing I didn't expect is feeling old. My little girl is only nine months but i'm already looking forward to her handmade cards created with Crayola crayons.
In the mean time this rap parody sums up just about ever dad I know including me.

And this is also very true...

Happy father's day to all the n00bie dad's, and the veteran dads alike! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

All your Senator are belongs to zombies.

Welcome to my Blog. Yes I know it's 2012. And there's facebook Google+ , & Twitter, and yes I shamelessly posted links to ALL my social media sites. Don't judge me.

Here's a guy that is trying to educate people on zombie's.

Here's what happens if your fingers are infected with a zombie virus first.